# Introduction

Xenial.Framework is a set of powerful modules for the DevExpress expressAppFramework (XAF) (opens new window).
Created ater more that ten years working experience with XAF, from small applications to large scale systems with dozens of developers, the Xenial Framework helps you build robust, state of the art applications quickly and allows you to scale your future development efforts easily, without getting in your way.

Xenial.Framework has been designed to be:

# Easy

You don't need to learn any new concepts if you are already familiar with XAF, no matter what skill level you are at.

# Flexible

Use as little or as much of the Xenial.Framework as is relevant to your current application and workflow.

# Focused

Practical solutions to the problems and challenges experienced from years of working on Line of Business (LOB) applications are at the core of the Xenial.Framework.

# Key Concepts

Xenial.Framework supports both the ModelEditor (opens new window) and code-centric approaches utilising all the basic primitives that XAF provides. It supports a convention based framework that enables individuals or teams to create their own domain specific rules, resulting in more consistent applications requiring less configuration.


Xenial.Framework actively promotes a mixed approach to development, promoting the paradigm of the right tool for the job.

Xenial Venn diagram